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Alternative Business Furniture is a resource for companies looking to have their old or surplus office furniture removed.   Companies faced with the possible disposition of older, surplus, and no longer needed office furniture have limited options.   Donating furniture to a charity, storing furniture, discarding furniture to a landfill or finding someone to take or purchase the furniture are all costly and/or time consuming possibilities.

Charities can be a terrific option but few charities are designed to accept the bulk and quantity of office furniture.  Tracking down a charity willing to accept the furniture will often require delivery to their facility and hopeful coordination that the charity can accept the furniture at the time that you want to deliver it.

Discarding furniture to a landfill can incur expensive waste fees and is not the most environmentally friendly solution.    Storing surplus product can incur monthly storage fees and distance yourself from ever using the furniture at all.

Alternative Business Furniture can visit your location or get an inventory of the product in question, determine if it is subject to a buy back, work with you on the details of the disposition, and give you a price for your furniture that often includes takedown and removal. 

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