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Ergonomic Assessment

Improving efficiency and productivity in the workplace as well as the well-being of your organization’s employees can be as simple as rethinking the ergonomics of employee work areas.  Ergonomics is the science of obtaining a correct match between the human body, work-related tasks and work-related tools.  In the context of the typical workplace, it means ensuring that furniture and equipment are designed and placed to accommodate repetitive practices and minimizing the potential of employee fatigue or injury.

Advances in ergonomically designed tools make it possible for your company to invest in a reasonably comfortable workplace that minimizes employee health risks and keeps a workforce happy and healthy at a comfortable price. 

ABF can arrange for an ergonomic assessment that we believe will raise awareness within your company and significantly improve the employee experience.   Once we have determined an area of concern, we will present our findings and propose functional, cost effective solutions.   Solutions may range from rearranging furniture to the purchase of ergonomically designed tools.

Alternative Business Furniture offers a comprehensive array of ergonomic tools and accessories and can tailor a package to suite your company’s specific needs. 

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